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      Floating Cubes II
A realistic cube puzzle is awesome, realistic cube puzzle with more modes is even better.
That’s the idea behind “Floating Cubes II” the second release of “Floating Cubes I”.
Like the old game you must place together three or more cubes from the same colour to make them disappear.

      Magnetic Ball

  Magnetic Ball is a special game. It’s kind
of the game that will let think carefully before you do any move. The game will take you to its world,
where you have been taken as a prisoner and your main score is to escape. The only way to escape
is by solving the puzzles and pushing the keys into its places.

      Five To Win Premium

  If you played through last year “Five to Win”
then you have a good idea what to expect in the new “Five to Win Premium”.
On this premium you’ll even face a harder opponent and the win will look impossible. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up.

      Get Rich
If you ever dream to be a successful businessman, then your dream will come true with the new
“Get Rich” game.
The main goal of the game is to get more money and beat your opponent.
To do that you must roll the dice, so that you will move from one block to another block.

      Germs Lab
You play as a professor who’s trying to know the genetics map of the germs and the small creatures.
So you’ll move from one level to the next trying to figure out how to link the genetics of the creatures’ DNA together.
There’s some kind of magnetic power between the genetics so be carful.

      Draw The Road
We all use pencils but what if your pencil has the power to draw the path of the world.
In “Draw The Road” you must help sketch who runs through different worlds.
To do that you must draw different objects to
help him on his mission.

      Memory Geinus
Memory Genius is challenging puzzle game
where you must have a powerful memory to remember every picture after seen it for only few seconds. You have a lot of faced down pictures
and you must discover which pictures are linked together.

      Capture The Ball
You play as an alien travelling the entire galaxy in looking for special beacons.
On the conquest mode you’ll travel the entire galaxy from one planet to another.
So your mission will get more complex over time. You’ll have a guide that will help you before the beginning of every mission.

      Bubble Cannon
In “Bubble Cannon” you control the cannon’s direction which will help to shoot the right bubbles
into its right place.
By choosing the right bubble you’ll explode all the bubbles from the same colour.
If you failed and missed with wrong bubble for twenty times the game over.

“Blast” is a puzzle game where you don’t control the bubbles movement but you control the gravity of the field.
By changing the gravity you must make sure to
collect three bubbles of the same colour and
blast them away.

      Gelly Cubes
“Gelly Cubes” is an engaging puzzle game where you must move the cubes together in order to make them disappear.
Each three cubes from the same colour will disappear giving you a bigger space.
You must manage to choose carefully so you can give multi hits and earn extra points.

      Kitty Love
In “Kitty Love” you play as a poor cat that fall in
love with other cat.
Your mission is to prove your true love by holding
the cute hearts and avoiding anything else.

      Egyption Puzzle
“Egyptian Puzzle” is a puzzle game takes its place in old Egypt where you must remove the items using magical heads before its reach the top of the room
and kill you.
To remove the items you must create a line of items from the same type “vertical, horizontal or diagonal”.

Help the professor to finish his researches on the atoms.
By linking the atoms together you’ll solve its puzzle. You can use the obstacles to help you.

      Funny Five
On this game you’ll play the most famous games: checkers, sudoku, solitaire, five in row and slither link.
You can select any game you want to play it or you can play through the story mode.
On the story mode you play as a traveller who
travels through different countries playing different games on every country.

      Magic Robik
On this puzzle game you’ll play the classic
cube puzzle and you must return the cube to its original situation with the same colour on each side. You’ll play three levels of challenge on each level the cube will get more complex.
At the final level you’ll face a real challenge.

      Missing Numbers

  On this puzzle game you will test the speed of your eyes to figure whish number is missing. You have only limited time and hell lot of numbers. Can you do it? If you are a beginner then try the time trial mode where the game is endlessly. .

      Pico Puzzle
"Pico Puzzle" is one of the hardest puzzle games
on the phones.
You have different numbers and your main goal is to put them on the correct order.
To do that you must you must understand
the complex idea of the game.

      Monster Chess
On these living and breathing chess table it takes more than just the simple rules of chess to win. You move your creatures and face your enemy monsters in a fantasy field. You can kill your enemies by holding them until the colour of the square matches the colour of your enemy.

      Explosive Numbers
On this amazing puzzle game your job is
pretty simple, to explode the numbers by selecting certain group of them.
To begin the game place the cursor in a number and select it then move the cursor to high-light different numbers in certain orders to make them explode.

      One Marble
“One Marble” is a puzzle game where your main
score is to remove maximum number of marbles.
The marble can only be removed when it’s “horizontally or vertically” jumps over it.
To move a marble, select it with your cursor
and chose “move to”. You can also use the undo option to delete the last two moves.

      Santa Breaker
On “Santa Breaker” you must help Santa to explode the balloons.
To do that you must gather a group of three or more balloons of the same colour.

      Live Your Life
On this amazing game your life will roll with luck,
so you can win money or you must pay money.
It’s all about luck and taken the right decision.
You’ll roll the roulette and wait to see what’s
going to happen.
The roulette will give you a number and
you’ll move the same number of squares. .

      Gems Tetris
On this amazing game your life will roll with luck, so you can win money or you must pay money.
It’s all about luck and taken the right decision.
You’ll roll the roulette and wait to see what’s going to happen.
The roulette will give you a number and you’ll move the same number of squares.

      Santa Vs. Elves
Help Santa to defeat the evil elves by freezing
the elves with his ice gun.
Try to collect all the gifts and cakes to put them on your sledges.
Be careful the snow will raise and cover everything
so try to finish each mission quickly.

You play as a doctor and your job is simple.
Cure every patient come to you by destroying the germs with your special medicines.
To do that select the right medicine and spread it on the germs.
Try to be quick to have extra points.

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