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      Ticking Bomb
The evil Dr. Bomb is trying to control the world by placing bombs all over the world. The Dr. Bomb’s servants have captured the only hero that can stop
Dr. Bomb. Help the hero to escape from his prison to stop the crazy Dr. Alongside your journey you’ll encounter different obstacles and bombs to detonate
so be ready for a lot of BOM BOM.

      Aquarium Enigma
“Aquarium Enigma” is an amazing puzzle game that brings the puzzle of sea into your little aquarium
(your phone).
Your main object in the game is to flip the seashells until all the seashells become from the same colour.

      Pico Puzzle
"Pico Puzzle" is one of the hardest puzzle games
on the phones.
You have different numbers and your main goal
is to put them on the correct order.
To do that you must you must understand the
complex idea of the game.

      Wheel Of Fortune
Prove your skill and luck as you playing “wheel of fortune”.

      Two To Win
In “Two To Win” you must figure out what under each card and remember it so you cane find the other picture.
As your progress continue through the game you can play on the other mode where you must remember
the correct order of pictures after seen it for
only a few seconds.

      Roll & Win
Roulette is a simple, easy to learn and exciting game.
It offers a wide variety of bets and a combination of bets with both long and even odds.
The Roulette wheel has 36 numbers from 1 to 36, a "0", and usually a "00".
(Most U.S. casinos have a "00" as well as the "0" which increases the house's edge.

      Crazy Ball
“Crazy Ball” is an old game with a fresh idea and a new game mechanics.
The goal of the game is to keep the ball inside the
To do that you must active the wall’s
gravity field before the ball hit it.
The wall’s gravity will active for only few seconds.

      Ultimate Cube
“Ultimate Cube” is the ultimate challenging puzzle game. It’s the simulator of the famous cube with the six colours.
On this game you must make sure every layer of the cube have the same colour.
By each move the cube will get more complex.

      Tree Puzzle
In Tree puzzle you need to save an image of a completing tree. By doing so you’ll recreate the image and open new level of challenge. But if you up to the real challenge then you can switch of the tips mode and recreate the image without even looking to the completing picture.

      Xmas Match
Xmas Match is a game where you need to focus your memory and keep in your mind every card.
The object of the game is to link the same pictures together.
The game begins with only two pictures.
Once you have found them, you will go to the next level. In each round a new pictures will be added.

      Three To Win
In “Three to Win” you don’t only aim for three, you can look for more.
By doing so you’ll earn extra points and enter more levels of challenge.
On these puzzle game you need to link three or
more creatures from the same colours horizontally
or vertically to make them disappear.

      3D Wall Breaker
In the far future you find your ship falling from the mother ship in the deeps of the space.
You trapped by walls of energy and your only way to get out of there is by using the ball of energy to break the walls.

      Power Ball
Power ball is a clever puzzle game where you must
be careful with every move because you can’t undo any move you’ve already did.
Your main goal is to reach the other side be crossing the water so you must build a bridge of blocks.
Try to push the blocks on the right direction.

      Ball Vanish
Try to get rid of all the balls on the field with the minimum moves and time.

      Twist It
"Twist It" might be the hardest game you will play
this year but it's also one of the best.
The idea of the game is so simple and it is to bring together the blocks of the same colors, so that they
will disappear. At the end of the games you will face hard level so you will fell the glory of victory once
you finish it.

      Brain Questions
“Brain Question” is a game where you must enter
your name and age and after that you’ll answer some strange questions.
Your answers will determine your brain power.
By playing through the levels of this game
you’ll make a real progress to your mental power.

      Crazy Marble
Welcome to the galaxy championship of marble.
You’ll travel through the universe, playing against marble’s maters.
If you choose to play the quick play mode you’ll start one of your unlocked levels.
In the career mode you’ll challenge four different masters and try to get a treasure in each planet.

      Lucky Dice
“Lucky Dice” is a challenge game between players.
At the beginning each player will have four pawns
and the main goal is to make your pawns reach the finishing line. To dice use the power bar.
If the player pushes his dice to the green area
then the number of the spots is lower.

      Dr Sudoku
Your main goal is to fill the Sudoku grid without repeating the same number on any column or row.

      Jewels Collector
The goal of “Jewels Collector” is to destroy as many as you can from jewels.
By switching two jewels and making a line “horizontally, vertically or diagonal” of three or more jewels of the same colour they’ll destroyed.
When you destroy jewels, new ones will come from the top.

      Blox Mystery
“Blox Mystery” is absolutely one of the best puzzle games on the phones.
Clever and unique the game is.
You have a shape and you must control it and move
it through different platforms.
If you reach a dead-end then look for a button
on the floor to open a new way.

      Smart Brain
This game will remind you of Sudoku but it’s more original.
It has more mathematical operations that you have to do, so the game will make you do calculations and think to solve the challenge.

      Crazy Puzzle
On “Crazy Puzzle” you’ll play the same level again and again until you find a way to solve its puzzle.
The main goal of the game is make all the stones disappear by hitting two or more of the same type together.

      Evolution Race
One throw of dice and decades will go forward. Welcome to “Evolution Race” where you must race the time and reach the evolution.
Throwing the dice will lead you a few step
if you reach the ladder you win the round but if you lose you return to the beginning.

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