Egyption Puzzle

Egyption Puzzle Mobile Game

"Egyptian Puzzle" is a puzzle game takes its place in old Egypt where you must remove the items using magical heads before its reach the top of the room and kill you. To remove the items you must create a line of items from the same type "vertical, horizontal or diagonal". You'll hold the given item and you must drop it on the right place. You only have 100 seconds on each level so try to collect as many points as you can before times up. Be careful, new items will come from the bottom of the screen so try to stop them before they reach the top or you'll lose a life. The difficulty will increase as you progress through the game. The magical heads: there are three magical heads in the game. The pink head can pick two items at the same time. The green head can slide from on side of the screen to another. The blue head can remove any item with a touch of a button but using its power will be in a limited number of times. There are also plenty of special items in the game: the bombs will explode and destroy the items around it. The extra life that you can find will give another chance. The time glasses will stop the time for ten seconds. The laser bomb will destroy all vertical items it's dropped on. The rockets will explode the bottom line. The fire bombs will explode all items of the same type it's dropped on.