About Us ....

Started at 2007, we have rapidly become one of the distinguished teams for mobile games and applications. We have very enthusiastic team to develop the best and most compelling mobile games and applications. Our team is made us of both professional programmers and marketers. We are developing most of our games/apps for Java ME mobile handsets including Nokia, Sonyericsson, LG, Samsung, Motorola, and others. We are also in the process of releasing new games for blackberry devices. We have Android and iphone on the list and rest assured that you will see most of our titles convereted there. The quality of our products is high and close to the best that is produced in the market.

Vision & Value:
At Picogame, it's not just what we do that sets us apart from the rest, it's how we do it. We've developed a culture of taking challenges head on. Our projects push us to utilize our skills and knowledge to the maximum extent and keep us on top of our competitors. We not only concentrate on company growth, we also care about the growth and development of each member of our team.
Vision: It is to become one of the best developers of mobile games and applications with coverage to as many platforms as possible.

Our aim is to help make the mobile experience more fun and rewarding by trying to meet the increase demand from users for games/appilcations that addresses their needs.