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      Crazy Tris
Play the famous Tris game in its new graphics and game-mechanics.
Your main goal is to make a full line of Tris
pieces to make it disappear and earn points.
if the Tris pieces reach the top of the screen
the game over.

      Penguin Puzzel World
Stop the penguin from returning to the water by placing polar bears on its way.
If you were up to the challenge then try
he harder mode where you must stop two penguins.

      Chess Challenge
On this challenging game you’ll play chess
against your phone.
And you’ll enjoy this challenge.

      Sudoku Pro
“Sudoku Pro” will offer to you hours of playing by
its big collection of Sudoku games.
You’ll play through nine games and you’ll enjoy
them all.
You can start with the classic and x Sudoku games
and you can have fun with this great collection.

      Christmas Puzzle
On this amazing puzzle game you must help the beloved Santa Claus to rescue his elves.
To do that you must move the columns or the rows
to match a group of toys together
so they’ll disappear.

      Lock N Earn II
On this puzzle game you must form more
squares than your opponent (phone) to win
the game.
To do that you’ll link between the dots.
You’ll play turn by turn against your phone.

      Money Puzzle
The goal of this game is to earn money by
moving the columns in order to link together three or more money from the same currency.
After that the money will fall into your score.

      Sudoku Papers
Feel yourself at home with the new Sudoku game “Sudoku Papers”.
If you played a Sudoku game before then you won’t find any problem with this one.
Your main goal is to fill the empty grid. Just don’t repeat the same number on any column or row.

      Dragon's Gem
On this puzzle game you must help the dragon to
count his gems.
To do that you must make groups of gems.
Each group must have three gems of the same colour and shape.
After making a line of the same colour, the gems will disappear.

      Goblin Gun
A curse had made the bubbles stuck together and blinds you from seeing anything.
You’re a goblin and you must get rid of this curse by shooting the bubbles from your cannon into
the cursed bubbles. Each three bubbles from
the same colours will disappear.
So get rid of them.

The scientists discover a mystery device that has
been made by an ancient force to bring the end of days. You’re one of the few who has been chosen to save the world by stopping that device.
To do that you must throw balls into the chain of that device every three balls of the same colour will disappear. coins.

On this crazy game you’ll have hours of fun as you help the nature and reduce the pollution.
You’re job will be to separate the waste containers
by placing together four or more containers of the same type. Be quick or the dump will fill by wastes. Remember that your machine work on the battery
that need to be recharge from time to time.

      Amazing Checkers
Amazing Checkers is the most simulator game
of the real checkers. You control your pieces by the direction buttons or with the keys pad.
By selecting one piece and moving it into its field
your turn will over and you must wait for
the opponent to make his move.

      Weigh & Sell
“Weigh & Sell” is a quick game where you must answer each question as fast as you can. You’ll begin the game by the training which contains four sections of challenge “math, logic, visual and memory” every section has three activities. Every correct answer will earn you twenty points and every wrong answer will cost you fifteen points.

      Master Doku
Prove your skills on the new Sudoku game “Master Doku”.
The controls: move between the squares using the direction buttons and enter the numbers (1-9) by the number keys.
While you’re on the quick play mode or the super deluxe mode press “*” to turn the pencil mark on\off.

      Chinese Tetris
Enjoy the amazing Tetris with the company of the hot Chinese girl.
Your main goal on this game is to make a full line of tetris to make it disappear.
the game over if the tetris reach the top of the screen.

      Ball Mess
“Ball Mess” is a game where you need to watch out from the balls.
You’re the best football player on this year which makes you the enemy of all the other players.
In your way to get your reward the other players will try to make a joke of you by shooting balls on you.
So don’t give them this chance.

      Blowing Bubbles
Your goal on this game is to destroy the coloured bubbles. To do that you must place together the bubbles from the same colours. Each three or more bubbles from the same colour will disappear if they were together. The game has two modes: the arcade mode and the story mode.

Finally you can enjoy the company of the stars on your phone.
On this game you must prove your love to the famous stars by remembering each picture and linking it to the other same picture.
If you link two pictures to one stare they’ll disappear and you’ll earn points.

      Crazy Money
Surprise all your friends and family members
by letting them see a real coin trapped inside you phone screen.
You start the game by choosing one of the coins and by shacking and rotating your phone the digital coin will move realistically.

      Wonder World II
If you enjoyed playing “Wonders World I”
then you’ll even have more fun on this year
“Wonders World II”.
On this new adventure you’ll travel to the toys world. Where you’ll encounter new puzzles and different brand spells as you trying to find the wonder blocks
on this amazing world.

      Diamond Glitter
It’s all about diamond! Each diamond had its own shape and value and your job is to find the matched diamonds. There is a bar on the bottom of the screen and you must fill it to move into the next levels. Each right move will give it a little push. Change the places of the diamonds to place together the matched diamonds and to make them disappear.

      Dice Cubes
The goal of this game is to move as many as possible from dices.
By placing together the dices from the same
colour and number they’ll disappear.
If the level end with remaining dices they’ll be added to your next level, and the game will over if your dice reach the top.

      Five To Win
“Five to Win” is a mind blasting game that will take you to its world. The idea of the game is simple. Just make a line (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) of five stones of the same colour to win. You’ll play turn by turn against you’re opponent (your phone). Remember to stop your opponent before he finishes his line.

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