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      Wonder World I
You play as a little magician who travelled back through time.
In order to return to the present day you must prove yourself as a real magician and learn all the magical spells. Through your adventure you’ll encounter puzzles that need to be solved and magical creatures. So you’ll learn different spells to face them.

      Space Colonies
Years have passed since you leave your planet and
go after the glory of yourself.
So when you return to your planet, you find him
falling on ruins. The aliens had attack your planet forcing its entire citizen to hide under the ground.In order to save them you must draw lines and cut off proportions of the planet area ....

      Funny Bubbles
Funny Bubbles is a game where you must risk the life of your cute bubble to win. You only control one bubble and you must reach the land before your opponents do. If you pull out your parachuting umbrella it’ll reduce your speed. So if you
pull out it so soon you’ll lose the race and if you pull out it so late you’ll lose your bubble life.

      Space Ship Puzzle
You play on the galaxy general garage and your job
is to park the spaceships without filling the garage or you’ll loose your job.
To do that you’ll control each group of ships that
enter the garage If two chips of the same colour put together they’ll disappear and you’ll have a bigger space to park the ships. So enjoy.

      Spare Wheel
On spare wheel you’ll try your luck and skill along
side your wallet to watch the hottest and most
beautiful cars ever made.

Show that you’re up to the challenge and prove
your skills.

Everyone knows about those crazy machines with large levers on the sides of the box.
If you pull the lever, the rollers line up to show "777", or at least that's the fervent desire for all slots players. The old-style machines were known as "one-armed bandits", perhaps because their one lever could easily steal your cash.

      Spin It To Win
Spin the roulette and watch what your luck will
bring to you.
When the roulette is stop spinning you’ll be given a mini game.
If you win in the mini game you’ll win a prize.
Keep spinning and enjoy the amazing different mini games.

      Mine Field
On this game your goal will be to uncover the empty fields of bombs.
At the beginning of the game you’ll try your luck.
But if you really want to be a bomb hunter you must figure out the field that contain a bomb.
To do that you must clean some fields for yourself and after that focus on the numbers.

      Maze Ball
“Maze Ball” is one of the hardest puzzle games
where every choice has consequence.
So you must move your ball all the way to stick together all the balls.
By doing so your progress will increase in
the game and new harder level will be available.

      Sudo Complex
Your main object on this game is to put
the numbers (1-9) on the grid cell without
repeating the same number on any column or row.

      Sudoku Professionals
The aim of this game is to enter a number “1-9” in each cell of the grid starting with numbers given in
the near cells.
To play, move the cursor using direction buttons and press ok\5 and then use the number pads to enter a number.

      Sudoku Rubies
Don’t think its impossible just give the new
“Sudoku Rubies” try and it’ll be one of your
favourite games.
You don’t need to be a math teacher to play this challenging game. Just focus about its numbers.

      Chess Competitions
On “Chess Competitions” you’ll find challenge and entertainment on this mind blasting game.
You’ll play against your phone by choosing the game type and the side you want to play on.
By playing the handicap mod, you can remove any number of pieces before you play,
using “*” to remove or restore the pieces.

      Triangles Deluxe
Rotate the triangles to complete a triangle with all its sides from the same colour.
If you play the game on the time challenge
mode you’ll play against time.

      Uno Puzzle
On “Uno Puzzle” your job will be pretty simple,
to clear the field from the blocks that having
the same colour or number.

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