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      Moka Puzzle
You play as a little dragon and by the help of your bubbles cannon you must get rid of the bubbles.
You can shoot the bubbles into the walls to
bounce off of them.
If your bubble matches
the colour with three or more bubbles they will disappear.

      Fantasy Puzzle
“Fantasy Puzzle” is one of the few puzzle game that let the environments play with you.
It’s incredibly fun and well done designed.
You must finish every level as fast as you can and move to the other.
To make the stones disappear you must touch two stones of the same colour.

      Brain Games
On this program you’ll train your brain to improve your mind skills and your short term memory.
Begin the program by choosing the training mode which includes different games: calculus, memory or logic.
After some training play through the competition
and prove your mind’s skills.

      Twisted Cubes
On this breathe taking puzzle game you have
only few seconds to move the correct cubes into its right position to match the same colour horizontally
or vertically.
So think quickly and don’t waste your time.

      Chess Champion
Be our champion with the new chess game “Chess Champion”.
The new feathers of the game will help you well.
You can view the commands screen when you’re playing.
You can also view the captured pieces and the tips from different screens.

You are a treasure hunter and you must collect all the treasures before your jealous partner catch you.
By climbing ladders you’ll proceed in your mission. After collecting all the treasures you’ll move to
the next level.

      Dressing Up
Show your fashion style on the new game
“Dressing Up”.
You’ve a couple and you must dress them up
with the latest fashion.
Choose the perfect outfit for each couple be
selecting the outfits from the wardrobe.

      Wedding Day
Welcome to the “Wedding Day” where everyone
need to be ready to this beautiful day.
Your best friend is going to married and as her best friend you must help her to organise the wedding.

      Jelly Bomb
The main goal of “Jelly Bomb” is to pop every jelly pieces
When jelly reaches its full state you can splash it by filling with another drop of liquid.
Each jelly produce drops that flies in four directions. Each drop can fill one jelly which stays on its way.
So try to create chain reactions by filling right jellies.

      Magic Tetris
“Magic Tetris” will bring the classic amazing
game in a new brand features to your phone.
Your main goal on this game is to make a full line by placing the pieces together.
After completing full line it’ll disappear.

      Rock Paper Scissor
The classic “Rock Paper Scissors” is coming to your phone so be ready.
If you chose to begin the game with the tournament Mode then you’ll play the classic Rock Paper Scissors against a virtual opponent.

      Jewel Deluxe
“Jewel Deluxe” is colourful and strong puzzle game. Your job will be to connect all the blocks from the same colour with two green flowers together and by that they’ll disappear.
After that the fairy that was trapped under the blocks will be released. To win the game you must set
free all the fairies.

      Circus Cannon
Aim your gun and test your skills in the new shooting game “Circus Cannon”.
Your main goal on this game is to shoot the different targets.
Be careful not to shoot the creatures. Remember, some targets need more than one shot.

      Move It
“Move It” is a special game that will let you
control the field of the game.
If two or more fruit from the same kind were put together then press on them to make them disappear. You can also rotate and flip the board of the game to get more options.

      Match Card
On “Match Card” you’re main job will be to remove as many cards as possible within times limit.
To do so you must look for the free cards that
can be move without pushing another.
If you find two similar free cards then click on
them to make them disappear.

      Match Pearls
Match the precious pearls together on this amazing puzzle game.
To win the pearls you must match three or more
pearls from the same colours.
You’ll move the horizontal line to
match each group.

      Floating Cubes I
“Floating Cubes” is a very realistic puzzle game
where you can control the cubes after touching the bottom of the box.
By placing together three or more cubes from
the same colour you’ll make them disappear.

      Move It To Win
In “Move It To Win” you have to place together the bricks from the same colour in order to make them disappear.
The amount of the bricks you need to collect to make them disappear will be displayed on the screen.
If you destroyed bricks from different colours
with one single drop you’ll earn extra points.

      Pico Backgammon
“Pico Backgammon” is one of the best backgammon games you’ll play on your phone.
The board game is for two players.
The board has two sides, an inner boar for
each player on one side (white’s right, red’s left) and an outer board.

      Reform The Particles
You must help the professor on his laboratory to unlock thirty levels of blocks.
The problem is that the energy doesn’t match
with the levels.
So you must help him to find the five faulty
blocks to end his experiments.

      Moving Ring
“Moving Ring” is a puzzle game focusing on solving the puzzle with the least number of moves.
The game had only three rules:
Only one disc can be moved at a time.
And the second rule is only disc from the top of any stack can be picked up. The third rule is that the discs can't be putted on top of the smaller ones.

      Robo Block
You play as a robot who sent by mistake
an important shipments and he must retrieve it from the seaport before it’s too late.
To retrieve your shipments you must throw
boxes into the shipment.

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