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      3D Assassin
On “3D Assassin” you play as a soldier who was caught during the war.
On his way to return home he must escape the prison and destroy all the documents about himself.
You’ll move through different levels killing your enemies in your way to get freedom.

      Street Mission
Most of the people don’t know when they’ll die but you know, you have exactly one week to live and if you didn’t pay 50.000$ at the end of the week you’ll be dead. You owe the mob 1000.000$ and if you didn’t pay 50.000$ every week then you’re a dead man. So go and do what ever it takes to collect 50.000$ every week.

      Aggressive Pilot
You are the most aggressive pilot in the world.
That’s why you have been chosen by the government
to go to the enemy ground and destroy everything he built. Your plane had one main weapon the bombs so your mission is to throw bombs on enemy’s bases
and buildings.

      Rise Of The Dead
You find yourself trapped inside the airport with few survivors and armies of zombies.
So can you make it alive? You’ll go through many sections to find a way to get out of the airport.
The game is FPS (first person shooter) so
you’ll enjoy shooting the brainless creatures as they approach of you.

      Tornado Blade
Get in your helicopter, destroy the enemy and complete your mission.
On this action game you’ll be giving information
about each mission right before you go to do it.
You must finish each mission within time’s limit.
The mission can be accomplishing in different ways.

      Air Battle
The evil commander wants to destroy the world with his powerful weapon.
You’ve been chosen as the best pilot to go and
destroy the crazy commander.
But the road to his base is dangerous and he has already sent his troops to stop you so can you
destroy them and reach that commander.

      Thieves Shooter
Thieves and criminals are trying to take over
the city to do what ever they like.
You’re a member of the special troops and your mission is to kill all the outlaws.
Your missions will take you to different areas in the city where you’ll face lot of criminals so be ready
for a lot of shoot out.

      Combat Terrorism
In “Combat Terrorism” you play as a top agent with only two main missions to defeat the terrorists and to protect the innocents.
Each day will bring you more missions and you must make sure that no citizens are harmed.

      Westside Fighting
You’re the new sheriff of the town and you must
stop outlaws and kill them all.
Enjoy every minute as you shoot the outlaws and saving the people of your town.

      Eagle Eye
When it was the last time you test your nerves?
If you didn’t do it before then you can test them now with “Eagle Eye”.
To play this game you must control your nerves and your hand standing. You’ll practice your aiming skill.

      Elevator Fighter
You are the saviour of the innocents and your
mission is to save the people and destroy the killers. You’ll play through levels using the building
elevator as a shelter for you and you must focus
to kill the enemies without harming the people.
Your game will over when you fall by the fires of enemies or if you shoot three civilian.

      Flaming Wing

  In this action game you play as one of the greatest military pilots. The enemy are regrouping in Siberia and you must get into your helicopter and blow up all his troops and weapons. Your main goal is to destroy the nuclear missiles.

      Robo Terminator
You are a robot and you find to yourself a good
job in one of the greatest planet in the galaxy.
The homeless drunken robots are trying to enter the planet to corrupt it.
So your job is to push them away from where they have come from. By using your strong arm
you’ll give them some real strong hits.

      Flying Destroyer
On this flying adventure game you’ll really do some risky moves while you are trying to destroy
the enemy planes without crushing into it.
You’ll fight armies of planes and you’ll encounter some hard challenge.
Just don’t forget to crush into the pigeon so
you can claim his shield.

      Flying Machine
You’re captain of hi-technology flying machine and you must face the flying dragons who invade
your city.
Along side your journey you’ll collect money which can be use to improve your ship.
You can also collect some useful items that will increase the rapid of fire.

      Kill The Terrorists
Kill the terrorists is an FPS game full with action and entertainment.
You’ll play through different missions and you must finish each mission within time’s limit.
Most of the missions focus on killing the terrorists
but you must also collect ammo or you’ll find
yourself empty in middle of the fight.

      Legend Of Gunners
On this epic game you play as one of the islands lord and your main job is to protect your island and
collect treasures. You’ll build your power from both military and trading. So you’ll begin the game by trading with markets buy selling the goods you’ve collected.

      Madness Attack

  The end of days was the end of man kind, and you are one of the few who survive. Monsters and strange creature are hunting you.
But with your grappling hook you won’t find any problems with this low lives. You can shoot your grappling hook to move from one platform to another.

      Metal Crash
Smash, burn, crash and hear the voice of crashing metal in the new game “Metal Crash”.
You can choose your car from different cars and
then you can choose the battle field.
When the game started you must be quick
or it’s over. Try to collect the power up to earn extra shield or extra damage.

      Metal Tanks
On this 3D war game you play as a military captain who’s driving a tank. After your men were killed in
an ambush you find yourself surrounded
by the enemy troops,
your only hope is to destroy your enemy or to die trying.

      Goblin Gun
A curse had made the bubbles stuck together and blinds you from seeing anything.
You’re a goblin and you must get rid of this curse by shooting the bubbles from your cannon into
the cursed bubbles.
Each three bubbles from the same colours will disappear. So get rid of them.

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