Rise Of The Dead

Rise Of The Dead Mobile Game

You find yourself trapped inside the airport with few survivors and armies of zombies. So can you make it alive? You'll go through many sections to find a way to get out of the airport. The game is FPS (first person shooter) so you'll enjoy shooting the brainless creatures as they approach of you. Above the zombie's head there is a bar, so when it's full the zombie will attack you. Try not to shoot so fast so you can give the zombies more damage. In sometimes items will appear so try to shoot them fast before they disappear. You'll also use grenades for extra damage and medic to heal yourself. If there was a survivor with you then his\her health will take the place of your health. The controls: move the crosshair with the direction buttons\number keys. To shoot press ok\5 key. To throw a grenade press "1" or "#". To use the first aid press "0". Press "3" or "*" to use herb.