Legend Of Gunners

Legend Of Gunners Mobile Game

On this epic game you play as one of the island's lord and your main job is to protect your island and collect treasures. You'll build your power from both military and trading. So you'll begin the game by trading in markets by buying and selling the goods you've collected. You don't want to cause problem at the beginning so pay the price of the peace treaty. Buy what you need from the market using the price list. Showing that you have lot of goods will help you get promoted to a higher level of civilisation. After hours of playing the game you'll be able to collect enough money to level up your island. So you can build cannons all around your island to protect it from the invaders. You can also build some production facility to raise your island resources. If you find yourself up to the real challenge then prepare your fleet to attack another fleet or another island. The best way to invade another island is to destroy its cannon. The controls: Move your ship with the keys "4-6" and fire with "5". Move your cannon up and down "2-8" and fire with "5".