Ideal City

Ideal City Mobile Game

"Ideal City" is one of the biggest and the best game ever created. It'll take you easily to its world where you are the Mayer and your job is to build strong economy and powerful industry. So you'll find yourself building water reservoir, power stations, police stations, hospitals and a lot more. But don't forget that your main mission is to help the people of your city. You can control the taxes and make it expensive if you need the money. But as a good Mayer you must not forget the people and lower the taxes from time to time. The police will lend you a big hand in creating peace. Building schools will make the future of the city bright. Building hospitals will protect your citizens from dieses. Beware from pollution it will take your funds away because it needs to be cleaned. Be carful that after years, the old buildings will need to be recreating again so be ready.