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      Kill The Zombie
On this breathe taking game your job is to keep yourself away from the mouths of hungry zombies. Survive through the different levels and kill
as much as you can from zombies.

      The Final Shot
After the apocalypse, zombies spread through the world with nothing to hold them, and the powerful soldiers with there guns have destroyed what have been left.
The surviving human are trying to rebuild
what left of humanity by developing an extremely power weapon.

      Aim & Shoot
On “Aim & Shoot” you must try to shoot your balls
as close as you can to a small ball called The Jack. You can also shoot the jack or shoot your opponents balls.
At the end of each round the jack well changes its position.
Every ball close to the jack will give you a point.

      Catching Ghosts
The ghosts have returned scaring and killing
everyone on their way with no mercy.
But even the scariest ghosts are no match for your team.
Your job is pretty simple, to catch the scariest ghosts in the world using your special weapons and clever tactics.

      Patriot Soldiers
Civil war has spread in the entire city and your duty
is to stop the outlaws and bring back the peace.
You are a member of the elite team,
so your main goal is to kill every outlaw
and get their ammunition to stop them.

      Air Hawk
After the invasion, the invaders destroy all the
defence and weapons of the city.
Only one weapon still exists.
You play as a military pilot and you have the last air fighter and your mission is to destroy the enemy fighters or die trying.

      Sheep Battle
On this clever strategy game you’ll lead your team
of sheep to defeat your enemy’s team.
The game all about quick thinking and reacting.
When the game starts you only have ten seconds
to do your move after that your turn will over.
There will be red light that will determine which
one of your sheep is going to fight.

      Worm War II
Be ready for the next ultimate action game with the new “Worm War II”.
On the single player mode, you’ll lead your team of worms through different battles.
You can change the names of your warms.
You’ll learn how to get use of the environment to destroy your opponent.

      Space Monsters
You’ve lost you friends on the deep space and you find yourself alone on a strange planet where every thing trying to eat you.
Your mission is to protect yourself by fighting
for your life using every weapon you can find.
Just stay safe until you find a way
to get out from this planet.

      3D Exterminator
“3D Exterminator” is one of the best FPS
(First Person Shooter) game ever created.
You’ll move through big areas looking for
your enemy and you’ll use different weapons to kill him.
Long range weapons like sniper and machine gun. Short range weapons like shotgun and knife.

      Strike Force
Strike Force take its place in the late of 50s
where you find yourself in middle of enemy territory. You are the last pilot and your mission is so simple,
to destroy the most powerful weapon on earth whish protected by armies of enemy planes, can you survive and finish your mission?

      Tactical Assault
“Tactical assault” is one of the greatest FPS (First Person Shooter) game ever created. If you play
“3D Exterminator” then you’ll feel yourself at home. The game will offer to you more action then
any other FPS game you played before.
You’ll take different missions through the game.

“Territories” is one of the best action platform game ever created.
The graphics are great and the game play is
You play as a soldier and your mission is to find the missing flags.

      The Hard Mission
On this action game you play as a special agent who was sent to investigate about an explosion happen
near a bio factory.
But after his arrive, he discovers something more complex then what he thinks.
Strange experiments have created ugly monsters and he must stand against them and cover the truth.

      Creatures Attack
You’re the most advanced robot in the universe.
Your mission is to fight back all the robots who are trying to stop you.
So can you kill them all and save the universe.
The game play is great and the animation is good.

      Shoot Your Manager
Ever wanted to kill your manager? Isn’t he/she
always getting on your nerves?!
This game will allow you to achieve your dreams
and shoot them whenever you want.
So get relax and shoot your manager while he’s screaming at you.

      3D Terminator
The scientists have found a way to create super soldiers by placing strange cells inside their buddies. The cells were taken from an alien creature so they were having super powers.
You play as a secret agent who was sent to steal the data of this project alongside some simples.

      3D Sniper Mission
Enjoy the most engaging 3D game on the phones. You’re a soldier and like any other soldier you must serve your country and kill all the enemy’s soldiers.
To complete your missions use your sniper and
collect the medics and aids that you can find all
around the area.

      Air Fighting
You are the bravest pilot and it’s up to you to serve your country and destroy the enemy forces.
You have to manoeuvre your plane shooting enemies and avoiding other shooters.
The 3D of the game is captivating and it’s
a rare game to find something similar on your small screen.

      Balloon Blower
Prepare yourself to blast a bunch of balloons.
You play as a little boy. After school you go to park and start shooting the balloons.
You control the direction of the slingshot.
So when you aim and shoot try to avoid hitting the creepy balloons because they’ll decrease your score.

      Bringing Down
The power of evil is trying to invade your city with
an army driving aircrafts.
You’re the hero and it’s up to you to face
the invaders and destroy them by blowing up their aircrafts.

      Cyber Space War
You are the pilot of the elite space soldiers. So it’s your mission to protect the galaxy from the outlaws. You’ll drive your ship throw the space shooting the enemy ships.

      Destroyer Tanks
You play as the last stand against the enemy army. Your tank is the last hope to bring back peace and to wash away the invaders.
The game play is simple.
The fire system is automatic just move your
tank to left and right to bring down enemy troops
and to avoid their fires.

      Endemic Demon
After the horrible bio-accident, strange virus has
spread all over the city turning people into ugly zombies.
The city is full with crazy zombies so the military is trying to clear the city from zombies.
You play as an elite agent and your mission is to clear an old factory from every zombie. Can you survive?

      Enemy Shooter
Under the cover of darkness the enemy make his
way to you camp and you must stand against him before he reaches you.
Use the joystick or the number keys to move your crosshair and use the action button or “5” to shoot. Shoot the enemy guns on the air for extra
ammunition, and shoot the clock for extra time.

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