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      Crazy Wheel
You play as a car and your father is the leader of group of cars. So as the son of a great hero, you’re trying to prove yourself as a hero too.
So you decide to go into the legendary freezing land. But the way is too dangerous and you’ll travel through many lands crossing burning deserts and facing lot of enemies. Be careful, if you run out of fuel you’ll die.

      Help The Sleepy
You are the fairy of sleep and your mission is to protect the poor sleep walker. By pushing away anything can hurt him and allowing him to stay dreaming. You’ll find yourself running over the rooftops and pushing any thing can stand against this sleeper.

      Jumpy Ball
On this wonderful cute game you play as a little ball who needs your help to collect all the coins.
Your only way to progress on the game is by finding all coins on the level.
So you’ll run through the levels and jump from
one platform to the other.

      Mole's Domino
In one day a little mole was walking in middle of the burning desert when suddenly he saw the forgotten temple. So the mole enters the temple.
In order to find the treasure he must solve
the domino puzzles inside the temple.
So help the mole to finish his journey by solving
the puzzles.

      Catch The Penguin
“Catch the Penguin” is one of the funniest games
ever created. It’s full with energy and entertainment. You’re main goal on this game is to save the penguins who are falling into the waters by catching them in the water after they fall or in the air before they reach the water. Catch all the penguins and avoid the ice balls, bears or any other obstacles.

      Rapid Rabbit
Welcome to the quick life of rabbit where you run all the way looking for carrots and treasures.
You play as a rabbit and your mission is to collect as many as you can from carrots and treasures without been captured by the thieves who’re hunting you.
To move from one level to the next you must reach the flag at the end of the level.

      Voracious Snake
Snakes are back on the new “Voracious Snake”
where you’ll play the classic snake games.
On the first game you’ll move through the hills eating the mushrooms and collecting the power pills.
The power pills will change the mushrooms into
ghosts so eating them will give you extra points and your tail will shrink.

      Girl Fighter
Play as the young fighter and fight everyone
who stands on your way.

      Santa Vs. Elves
Help Santa to defeat the evil elves by freezing
the elves with his ice gun.
Try to collect all the gifts and cakes to put them on your sledges.
Be careful the snow will raise and cover
everything so try to finish each mission quickly.

      Jumping Cat
Help the cute cat to jump from one cloud to
the next to reach his beloved destination.
Be careful of the unstable cloud because
if you stand on them for too long you’ll fall .

      Scared Dino
When it was the last time you played
a game and loose yourself on it.
When it was the last time you forgot yourself in a fantasy world.
“Scared Dino” is that kind of games.
The story begins when you get lost in a dark forest with your friend.

You’re living on the Stone Age and
your mission is to reach the top of the hills
to avoid the dangers animals.
To reach the hill top you’ll be swinging
through the air from one rope to another.

      Food Fighters
The worst thing on the world is to live with your enemy together on the same island. So every day
is a fighting day where you throw each other with food. Until some one falls down. You can see the health bars for you and your enemy on the screen.

      Scary Night
“Scary Night” is a very dark game.
It takes its places in the darkest places of the world. You play as a doctor who’s trying to find a cure to help his daughter and the rest of people from alien disease.
As you continue to play, the game will take you to its world.

      Kitty Love
In “Kitty Love” you play as a poor cat that
fall in love with other cat.
Your mission is to prove your true love
by holding the cute hearts and avoiding anything else.

      Bringing Down
The power of evil is trying to invade your city
with an army driving aircrafts.
You’re the hero and it’s up to you to face the
invaders and destroy them by blowing up their aircrafts.


  Chaos is every where and you are a revolutionary on the city. Your job is to make troubles as mush as possible before the police arrest you. You only have a few minutes so be quick. Crush every thing, broke every window and beat the score.

      3D Balance
You have been kidnapped by secret organisation and they are trying to use you for their experiments.
Try to run from the mazes and find the exits,
collecting every thing you can find.
To move into the next level find and reach the goal sign.

      Chaos City
You have been kidnapped by secret organisation and they are trying to use you for their experiments.
Try to run from the mazes and find the exits,
collecting every thing you can find.
To move into the next level find and reach the goal sign.

      Alien Vehicle II
Your ship fall into alien planet so your mission will be to find its missing parts so you can return to your home. You’ll drive your way through the fascinating alien planet with the company of your alien friend.

      Balloon Blower
Prepare yourself to blast a bunch of balloons.
You play as a little boy.
After school you go to park and start shooting the balloons.
You control the direction of the slingshot.

      Catch The Kiss
You are young, you are full of energy and you can’t resist those charming girls. In this game you have to kiss every one of them on the building you are in.
To do that you’ll jump from the rooftop kissing every girl throwing her face out of window.

      Destroy Robots
“Destroy Robots” is one of the few great, rare games that you’ll play it for hours and hours.
Not only the amazing graphics that make this
game one of the best but also the great controls.
You and your friend were trapped and transformed into information inside the galaxy’s computer.

      Escape From Pyramid
You play as an archaeologist who’s trying to flee from the cursed pyramid before the mummy reach him. You’ll notice that the mummy can move two steps towards you so try to move in a way to keep it far from you.

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