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      Get Rich
If you ever dream to be a successful businessman, then your dream will come true with the new
“Get Rich” game.
The main goal of the game is to get more money and beat your opponent.
To do that you must roll the dice, so that you will move from one block to another block.

      High Voltage Balls
"high-Voltage balls" is one of the best 2D games
on the phones.
The game is full with power and energy.
Your main goal is to reach the end of each level.
To do that you must use your magnetic power
to move through the platforms without touching the obstacles.

      Alien Vehicle I
You’re an astronaut and your ship fall into
alien planet.
For a short time you think you’re the only one
but you find yourself in company of the planet citizen who think you are an invader. You’ll move through this planet looking for your ship missing part. You won’t be alone in your mission.

      Anteater Adventures
Lead the poor animal to his home as he trying
to avoid the street risk.
Beware of the cars on the streets and avoid
the water on the river.

      Magic Candle
Welcome to the “Magic Candle” world where you’ll surprise and amuse all your friends.
The secret behind the game that is the only key used” is “0”, which will lit or Extinguish the candles.
The “0” key will also determine which candle
is going to snuffed out later.

      Joe's Adventure
You’re the handsome strong Joe and your goal in the game is to collect as many hearts as you can.
So you must collect them without touching birds,
dogs, bees.....etc
Some items will be used as weapons so try to collect different items. Other items can make Joe
untouchable for few seconds.

      Yoyo Man
You play as a secret agent who was sent to discover the truth behind a secret project.
You’ll use your yoyo to attack your enemies and to swing from one area to the next.
Pressing “5” at some points will active it the swing mode on your yoyo.

      Magic Knight
Play as the young brave adventurer and explore the beautiful amazing world.
Alongside your journey you’ll encounter different enemies so be ready.

      Miss The Frog
On this funny game you play as a farmer
who’s trying to avoid the frogs and the lightning bolts on his farm.
You can jump into the balloons to escape from the frogs and by doing so you’ll earn points.
Every 10000 points will give you bonus life.

      Path Finder
“Path Finder” is a tricky puzzle game that will force your mind to think quickly.
After each winning you’ll move to the next challenge and at the end, the game will improve your brain abilities.

      Pig Ninja
You play as the ninja pig who’s trying to protect his village from the crazy doctors who wants to make horrible experiments on the pigs.
So stand against them and throw your knives to kill them.

      Heart Bear
With this cute bear you’ll try to find all the hearts through the thirty levels where fun is endlessly.
Your mission won’t be easy as to expect.
Some of the hearts will be hidden under water so you must find a way to collect them all in order to
move to the next level.

      Robo Terminator
You are a robot and you find to yourself a good job
in one of the greatest planet in the galaxy.
The homeless drunken robots are trying to enter the planet to corrupt it.
So your job is to push them away from where they have come from. By using your strong arm
you’ll give them some real strong hits.

      Scary Island
“Scary Night” is a very dark game.
It takes its places in the darkest places of the world. You play as a doctor who’s trying to find a cure to help his daughter and the rest of people from alien disease.
As you continue to play, the game will take you to its world.

      Taxi Delivery
You play as one of the three taxi driver and your mission is drive around the city and picking up fares. Each fare has his\her own destination and you
have to reach it as fast as you can.
You’ll be rewarded for the bounce time.

      Thieves Shooter
Thieves and criminals are trying to take over the
city to do what ever they like.
You’re a member of the special troops and your mission is to kill all the outlaws.
Your missions will take you to different areas in the city where you’ll face lot of criminals so be ready
for a lot of shoot out.

      Underground Treasures
“Underground Treasure” is one of the most engaging games ever created. You’ll control an excavator and you’re main job is to dig the surface and reach the deeps of earth in looking for gold and treasures.
Just don’t let the gold blind you because
if you run out of fuel you’ll trapped under the ground and you’ll die.

      Viking Sports
On this amazing game you’ll play through different levels with different objects.
On the first level you must throw the pig as far as possible on the ice.
On the second level you must use your club to
stop the seals from stealing your fish .....

      Wild Fish
On this fantastic underwater adventure,
you play as a wild fish who’s trying to begin a real adventure.
You’ll travel through the rivers eating little fish and avoiding the big ones.
At the end of each level you’ll be rewarded with gold, silver or bronze rating.

      The Defender
Play the classic game and enjoy destroying
the aliens who are trying to invade the earth.

      Pico Sokoban
“Pico Sokoban” is an amazing puzzle game.
You play as a little kid and your mission is to drag
the obstacles into its right places.
After pushing all the obstacles into its places you’ll move to the next level.
As your progress continue on the game the puzzles
will get harder.

      Wolly Adventure
Help Wolly on his adventure to catch a delicious
sheep for his dinner.
You’ll play through four mini missions to reach the sheep. After finishing the four missions you can jump to any one of them and play it all again.
The missions are wonderfully designed and you’ll enjoy each one of them.

      Rocko Adventure
After thousands of years an old spell had return
and all the adventurers have gone looking for it.
But they are all no match for the bravest adventurer ever lived.
You’re Rocko the great.
The one who’ll claim the spell before any adventurer do.

      Robinson Island
If you ever dream to live alone on an island
then think carefully and give this game a try to know who its feel.
Your boat has drowned in middle of the ocean
and you find yourself alone on an island.
The question is can you survive?

      Yakuza Hero
On this game
you’ll control the hero alongside
the rest of his family members.

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