Scared Dino

Scared Dino Mobile Game

When it was the last time you played a game and loose yourself on it. When it was the last time you forgot yourself in a fantasy world. "Scared Dino" is that kind of games. The story begins when you get lost in a dark forest with your friend. Then you find yourself in a face of evil wizard who kidnap your friend and turn you into a monster. In your way to get rid of this curse and help your friend, you follow the dark wizard into his cave where you must face his army of creatures. Soon in the game you realize that the curse had made you stronger with lots of abilities. So you can shoot your enemy with balls of energy. These balls can capture your enemies inside it. You can also stick the balls of energy into the walls and by breaking them you'll unleash great powers. The ball of water will flush the area and drown your enemies. The ball of fire will burn the place for a short period of time. The ball of light will unleash great power of lightning that will defeat you enemies. Each power will leave behind it treasures and useful items that you can use it to power up your abilities. Along side your journey you'll find food which will be handy at the end of the level. If you managed to find the well hidden golden treasure then you'll immediately win the level and move ahead to the next level. The rings of power are also available in each level by finding them you'll earn extra points. Just don't forget to find the hidden letters so you can earn extra life.