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      Robinson Island
If you ever dream to live alone on an island then
think carefully and give this game a try to know who its feel.
Your boat has drowned in middle of the ocean
and you find yourself alone on an island.
The question is can you survive?

      Rapid Urchin Pinball
You play as a super Urchin who fights the crazy doctor who’s trying to destroy all the forests.
On your journey to defeat the evil you’ll use
your skills on pinball.
By crashing the enemies and triggering the switches you’ll unlock the chamber of the secret crystal.

      Cute Ducky

  You love ducks? Ever wanted to raise one? Wanted to know if you are up to this challenge? If so, then before you get a real one try to see if you can
take care of your small duck on your mobile. “Cute Ducky” is a simulator life game where your action determines the life of your little cute duck!

      Car's Adventure

  In “Car's Adventure” you play as a famous
racing car.
And throw your adventure you’ll encounter with different occasions like talking to your fans,
racing in a big labs and showing every car
what it takes to be the most famous car in the world.

      Mexican Fight
Put on your mask and prepare yourself for the “Mexican Fight”.
You play as Mexican wrestler and your job is
fight the other wrestlers to earn the title.
If you begin the game with the career mode
you’ll play against 25 wrestlers including some
well known wrestlers.

      Robo Hand
You control a robot hand and your mission is
to move it and rotate it to open locks using the keys from the same colour.
If you feel yourself up to this challenge then try the survival mode where your energy is limited and each move will bring you closer to the end.

      Rocko Adventure
After thousands of years an old spell had return
and all the adventurers have gone looking for it.
But they are all no match for the bravest adventurer ever lived.
You’re Rocko the great.
The one who’ll claim the spell before any adventurer do.

      The Ninja Assassins
You play as a ninja on the medieval and your mission is to protect your country from a big threat.
You’ll join a secret organisation to cover the true power of ninja and to save your country.
At the beginning you’ll find yourself at the ninja hideout and you’ll learn from the elders.

      Defend The Kingdom

  On this tactics game you play as the guardian of the king. And your main mission is to protect the king and the kingdom. You will travel throw the kingdom from city to city to cover the truth and to bring back the peace after long time of war.

      Scary Island
You are the riskiest adventurer on the world, and you find yourself surrounded with gold and ghosts.
Try to run from the ghosts and collect as mush as
you can from items.
To earn extra points finish the levels as fast as you can.

      Wolly Adventure
Help Wolly on his adventure to catch a delicious s
heep for his dinner.
You’ll play through four mini missions to reach the sheep. After finishing the four missions you can
jump to any one of them and play it all again.

      The Hard Mission
On this action game you play as a special agent who was sent to investigate about an explosion happen
near a bio factory.
But after his arrive, he discovers something more complex then what he thinks.
Strange experiments have created ugly monsters and he must stand against them and cover the truth.

      My Pet Pig Edition
“My Pet” is absolutely one of the most engaging
series of games ever created.
In “Pig Edition” you’ll begin by choosing the name, gender and country of your pig.
You’ll use a realistic menu to look after your pet.
So you can feed it, play with it, teach it and a lot

      Star's Life
In “Star's Life” you’ll live as a real star from the hour you wake up until the hour you fall on sleep.
You’ll begin your day at 8 o’clock and during the day you must eat and drink and if you didn’t do that
you’ll loose health. You’ll talk to other stars by your mobile phone which will give you more important ...

      Anteater Adventures
Lead the poor animal to his home as he trying
to avoid the street risk.
Beware of the cars on the streets and avoid
the water on the river.

      Taxi Delivery
You play as one of the three taxi driver and your mission is drive around the city and picking up fares. Each fare has his\her own destination and you
have to reach it as fast as you can.
You’ll be rewarded for the bounce time.

      Beauty Makers
Open your own salon and make your customers happy, that’s the idea behind “Beauty Makers”.
On this game you help your customers and manage your salon business.
To do that you’ll take care of your female customers like to do hair cutting, colouring and washing.

      Shoot Your Manager
Ever wanted to kill your manager?
Isn’t he/she always getting on your nerves?!
This game will allow you to achieve your dreams
and shoot them whenever you want.
So get relax and shoot your manager while he’s screaming at you.

      The Invasion
On this strategy game you’ll learn how to invade your enemy’s island with the minimum military power.
The game has two basic lines.
The first line is the building line where you’ll build weapons forgery on your island.
Building some forgery will take a time to finish.

      The Militant
On this adventure game you play as a farmer who found his village under attack from criminals and thieves.
So you must stand against them and protect your village.
You’ll run through the village fighting the enemies
and jumping through the different platforms.

      The Monk Way
You play as a little monk on the medieval and your mission is to protect your country from a big threat. You’ll join a secret organisation to cover the true power of monk and to save your country.
At the beginning you’ll find yourself at the monk
house and you’ll learn from the elders.

      Thief Master
Enjoy the life of the “Thief Master” through the organized robberies as you build your empire of thieves. Every robbery have three stages:
the first stage is gather tools and information about the target.
The second stage is to draw the whole robbery on the map. The third stage is the robbery on the real time.

      Ufo Thieves
In this game you have to play the role of a maniac alien who is obsessed with sheeps.
Your mission is to steal every sheep on earth.

      Underground Treasures
“Underground Treasure” is one of the most engaging games ever created.
You’ll control an excavator and you’re main job is to dig the surface and reach the deeps of earth in looking for gold and treasures.

      Viking Sports
On this amazing game you’ll play through different levels with different objects.
On the first level you must throw the pig as far as possible on the ice.
On the second level you must use your club to stop the seals from stealing your fish.

      Wild Fish
On this fantastic underwater adventure,
you play as a wild fish who’s trying to begin a real adventure.
You’ll travel through the rivers eating little fish and avoiding the big ones.
At the end of each level you’ll be rewarded with gold, silver or bronze rating.

      Yakuza Hero
On this game you’ll control the hero alongside
the rest of his family members.

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