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      Dumb In The Zoo
Walk with the dumb in the zoo and enjoy watching him as he deal with different animals.
Find some items and solve the funny puzzle as you walk deeper in the crazy zoo.

      Escape From Pyramid
You play as an archaeologist who’s trying to flee
from the cursed pyramid before the mummy reach him. You’ll notice that the mummy can move two steps towards you so try to move in a way to keep it far from you.

      Fighter Robots
On this strategy game you play as a captain driving
his army of robots and tanks to defeat the outlaws.
So you’ll control each member of your troops and move him into marked areas.
Your turn will over when you finish all your moves.

      Glamorous Hospital
Your mission on this game is not simple.
You must keep all the rooms of the hospital clean
and you must keep the patients happy.
By doing so you’ll earn extra points and you’ll be
far from the bankrupt.

      Heady Weapon
The mafia has taken all over the world and it’s more powerful than ever.
No one is safe wile the mafia hold everything on its hand. No one have the guts to stop them.
The only hope is only one person, the bravest hero that is going to stop the mafia in the entire world.

      Magician Master
On this game you play as a young magician who studies magic at the school. Your main goal is to win the magician master cup at the end of the year. To do that you must win through different challenges. You must focus on your class and be the best magician. In one of your class you must figure out the items on the crystal as fast as possible.

      Joe's Adventure
You’re the handsome strong Joe and your goal in the game is to collect as many hearts as you can.
So you must collect them without touching birds,
dogs, bees.....etc
Some items will be used as weapons so try to collect different items. Other items can make Joe
untouchable for few seconds.

      Kill And Relax
Your job is killing you! Your boss is provoking you! After a long day of hard work you feel that you want to kill somebody. Just head into the robot’s streets
and smash everything in your way.
Use everything as a weapon (rocks, sticks, baskets....). when your power bar is full you can unleash a powerful attack.

Take your little friends to the park and play the
It’s not that bad specially when you throw your
friend in the air and watch his brain and teeth all around the park.
That’s the pleasure of “Dumps” the amazing bloody game.

You’re living on the Stone Age and your mission is
to reach the top of the hills to avoid the dangers animals.
To reach the hill top you’ll be swinging through
the air from one rope to another.

      Magic Knight
Play as the young brave adventurer and explore the beautiful amazing world.
Alongside your journey you’ll encounter different enemies so be ready.

On the city of wizards a young wizard was walking when suddenly a flashing storm hit him and drags
him away.
After he awaked he found himself alone in a strange place. Help the young wizard to return to his home
by exploring the new world, talking to the citizens, fighting monsters and collecting items.

      My Little Monster
This is your chance to raise a monster on your phone. By playing “My Little Monster” you’ll face twelve different look of your monster.
If you need any help you can switch on the help
from the pause menu. Remember that your monster will grow up even when the game is closed so you must check on him from time to time.

      Hamster Adventure
Help the little poor hamster to surprise his girl
friend by performing the most dangerous moves and avoiding the scary bees. Run around the levels and enjoy the beautiful graphics and the well-done design.
You’ll use any items on this game to help so you’ll
use bras as parachute, the toaster as a gun to shoot
you up in the air and a lot more.

      Heart Bear
With this cute bear you’ll try to find all the hearts through the thirty levels where fun is endlessly.
Your mission won’t be easy as to expect.
Some of the hearts will be hidden under water so
you must find a way to collect them all in order to move to the next level.

      Nuclear Cargo
On this amazing game you must lead each cargo
to its right place.
Each cargo has its own colour and you’ll determine where it must go.
To control the cargo direction you’ll change
the arrow signs.

      Nuclear Mission
Humans were defeated on the hand of aliens who
took control of earth.
The aliens created a device to control the humans
and turn them into slaves.
But there were some people who were immune
to the control of aliens.

      Path Finder
“Path Finder” is a tricky puzzle game that will force your mind to think quickly.
After each winning you’ll move to the next challenge and at the end, the game will improve your brain abilities.

      Dumbs Racer
Your broke, you’ve loose your house, your job and even your car.
The only thing that’s still with you is your scooter.
So you’ll ride it through the streets to find some jobs and earn money to reclaim your properties.
After a few missions you can buy a new ride to help you collect money faster.

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