Hamster Life

Hamster Life Mobile Game

You love hamsters? Ever wanted to raise one? Wanted to know if you are up to this challenge? If so, then before you get a real one try to see if you can take care of your small hamster on your mobile. "Hamster Life" is a simulator life game where your action determines the life of your little cute hamster! You will start the game by choosing your hamster sex and name, and then your hamster will be born. You will watch your hamster growing and dying and your job is to look after it so it can live longer and die in peace. You must feed it and play with it. You can also take it to the park and buy some games for it. The older it gets the harder it become to look after it. Your hamster will find a way to connect with you and tell you what it is dreaming about. It will send you messages telling you about its desires and wishes. And there will be some kind of connection between you and your kitten and you'll love him/her and treat him/her as your real beloved hamster! When you look at your hamster's info screen you can see your hamster's status. Each of the statistics - hungry, happiness, strength, training and health is affected by a mini-game or item from the shop. Playing the mini games with your pet like running will give it more health. Taking your hamster to the bath and bringing new clothes is actually one of few of things you can do to make your hamster happy.