My Pet Cat Edition

My Pet Cat Edition Mobile Game

"My Pet" is absolutely one of the most engaging series of games ever created. In "Cat Edition" you'll begin by choosing the name, gender and country of your cat. You'll use a realistic menu to look after your pet. So you can feed it, play with it, teach it and a lot more. To collect items you'll move your pet toward the gifts where it'll find food or other items. You can change the environment with a touch of button so you'll move from the icy environment into the desert or any other environment you want. To feed your pet you must open the main menu of your pet then move into the food menu and then choose the kind of food you want feed your pet from. If you find a book then you can learn your pet which will give it more knowledge. You can play mini games in any time. Give your pet a warm path and then clean its teeth to see it shining.