Our Latest Games .....

      Brain Games
On this program you’ll train your brain to improve your mind skills and your short term memory.
Begin the program by choosing the training mode which includes different games:
calculus, memory or logic.
After some training play through the competition
and prove your mind’s skills.

      Get Rich
If you ever dream to be a successful businessman, then your dream will come true with the new “Get Rich” game. The main goal of the game is to get more money and beat your opponent. To do that you must roll the dice, so that you will move from one block to another block.

      Brain Trainer
“Brain Trainer” is a program that will hep you to improve the abilities of your brain like reading, calculating and the short term memory.
After the program begins;
a series of numbers will be displayed and
your brain will memorize it.

      Brain Questions
“Brain Question” is a game where you must
enter your name and age and after that you’ll answer some strange questions.
Your answers will determine your brain power. By playing through the levels of this game you’ll make a real progress to your mental power.

      Smart Brain
This game will remind you of Sudoku but it’s more original. It has more mathematical operations that you have to do, so the game will make you do calculations and think to solve the challenge.

      Weigh & Sell
“Weigh & Sell” is a quick game where you must answer each question as fast as you can. You’ll begin the game by the training which contains four sections of challenge “math, logic, visual and memory” every section has three activities. Every correct answer will earn you twenty points and every wrong answer will cost you fifteen points.

      Reform The Particles
You must help the professor on his laboratory to unlock thirty levels of blocks. The problem is that the energy doesn’t match with the levels. So you must help him to find the five faulty blocks to end his experiments.

      Fitness Keeper
On this program you’ll begin by writing your name, sex, age, weight and high.
Then the phone will answer you if you’re in good health or if you need some training.
You can choose if you want to train in your house or in the outdoor.