Aggressive Racing

Aggressive Racing Mobile Game

Aggressive racing is one of the few rare racing games where you don't have to protect your car from crashing on the contrary, the more you crash your car with other opponents the more points you get. The goal of the game is to hit as many cars as you can in only one minute. Unlike other games you'll lose point as you are crushing into other opponents and the winner is the one with the minimum score. The game offer you also many different modes, in one mode you will have extra weapons with your car. In another you have the single mode where you can drive in any location with any car. And there's the stunt mode where you need to do stunt moves as much as you can before your car get apart. Each winning will give you bolts. Using bolts you can upgrade your speed and your shield. You can also upgrade your car with nitrous which will protect your car for five seconds. After a few races your car will need to be fixed. After some winning the game will get harder and you'll need to upgrade your car with more powerful weapons. Just remember that you can't move into the other locations without completing the events in your current location.