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      Sea Boat Racing
On this amazing boat racing game you play as one
of the island’s character and you must beat
the rest of the characters in different races.
You’ll play the game by moving your boat to avoid hitting other racers or hitting the reefs.
Be careful of whirlpools they’ll loose you your balance.

      Crushing Basket

  Be ready for the next match of basketball, it’s “Crushing Basket”.
You’ll be given points as you scoring from different positions.
So you’ll be scoring 2 points from shooting within the arc.
Shoot from outside the arc and you’ll score 3 points.

      Sky Diving
Jump into the extreme sport game “Sky Diving” and experience the excitement as you fall towards earth. Lead your team through the challenging
championship and make the right formation
before you loose the high.

      Celebrity Billiards
On “Celebrity Billiards” you have fifteen balls (1-15). The balls (1-7) are solid coloured and the balls (7-15) are striped.
Fifteen balls are racked in a triangle and all the object balls are placed randomly.
On every shot, you must pocket a ball.
If the cue ball goes in, it is a foul.

      Sloping Golf
“Sloping Golf” is one of the best 2D games.
The game-play is amazing and it’s fun to play it.
The game-mechanics are so simple.
You control the power of your shot using the power bar. The game will automatically save your score.
The clubs of the game: wood, iron and wedge.
The wood is for the short shots.

      Soccer Mania
Welcome to the strategy soccer game,
where you can play against your friend turn by turn,
or against your phone if you’re short of company. You’ll control your players by choosing one of them and then you’ll choose what ever you want move or kick the ball to other player or into the goal.

      Horse Racing Competition
Like riding horses but it’s raining outside!
You can still take a ride.
Get on your horse and prepare yourself to the
“Horse Racing Competition”.
You must get through the twelve races in either first
or second position in order to reach the legendary Grand National.

      Soccer Training
Test your football experience on the training
yard and then be ready to the final exam.
Keep training step by step and you’ll become one of the best football players.
The game will offer to you a series of tests
where you need to run with the ball or to shoot
into the goal.

      Furious Driver Extended
“Furious Driver” is amazing, “Furious Driver Extended” is absolutely stunning.
The most amazing racing game on the phones has return with all the new features.
New cars and new streets are only few of what this game offers.

      Straight Skiing
On this game you’ll play the famous sport
ski-jumping where you must aim for the highest jump to impress the judges and earn medals.
You can play on training mode to improve your skills. When you’re ready, play the single match mode
or the championship to challenge other players.

      My Soccer Team 2008
On this tactic game you play as manager
of one of the soccer team.
And you have lot of responsibilities from tack care
of your team to hold yourself with the press.

      Table Soccer
On this game you’ll control your table soccer team
in a championship to be the table soccer master.
After defeating each player you’ll move to the next round.

      Universal Soccer
On this new soccer game you’ll choose your team from a various different teams.
One of the game rules is to pass the ball quickly without holding it for a long time.

      BasketBall Professional 2010
Give the new “Basketball Professional 2010”
a try and you’ll realize how special it is.
The game play is new and wonderful. You’ll switch between your players with a touch of button.
For most of the time you’ll steal the ball from your opponent’s team and the opponent team will also
steal the ball from you.

      Best Team Manager
Prove your strategy skills by leading your team to the championship.
Stand against all the difficulties and show everybody what it takes to be a real successful manager.
As you play the game you’ll run into some hard choices like to train your goalkeeper or your
playmaker before an important match.

      Be The Champion
It takes more than a strong man to complete the challenge, its need a steal will to do that.
On “Be The Champion” you’ll need to focus on
every sports and its environment.
You’ll go throw different challenge swimming, biking and running.

      Diving Master
If you have any fears of jumping from
a high spot into the water then give this game a try.

      Doggy Kong Fu
Help the little doggy on his missions by using
the kung fu.
In the first mission while you’re training don’t bother yourself with the neighbours just keep training.
On the second mission you’ll chase down the thief who stole the city loot. So you’ll use the balloons to spot on his car.

      Curve Soccer
“Curve Soccer” will let you move and control your player by pushing them through the playground.
The game play will take you a while to get use of
it but after some matches you’ll master it.
In your turn you only have limited time.
So when your time ends you’ll lose your turn.

      F1 Big Challenge
On this breathtaking racing game you’ll do
more than racing. You’ll race through different laps trying to keep your car on the road as you reach different turns. If your car damaged during the race or if the tires need to be replaced you can stop near your team and you must play a mini game to ensure the speed of your team. So have fun.

      Fitness Keeper
On this program you’ll begin by writing your name, sex, age, weight and high.
Then the phone will answer you if you’re in good health or if you need some training.
You can choose if you want to train in your house or in the outdoor. You’ll learn the perfect way to control your fitness by training in different positions.

      Flaming Tennis
Enjoy the most exotic and funny tennis game
“Flaming Tennis”.
You’ll face creepy monsters in tennis matches
they will try to beat you with the help of other monsters so be careful.

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