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      Hell Cycle
You play as a demon that comes to earth to
bring pain on the other demons who didn’t obey him. In your way through the cities you’ll use
the hell cycle to chase down the demons.
You can also shoot fires from your arm.

      The Green Destroyer
You play as a mutant who don’t know what he is,
as he trying to figure out he’ll use his inhuman
powers to stop the ones who’s tracking him.
The Green Destroyer is an over power creature
so you can fight, smash and run on the walls.

      Tank War
Drive tour own tank and blow up as many as you
can from the enemy tanks.
To move through the ten levels of the game
you must destroy certain number of enemy tanks on each level.

      Last Water Battle
“Last Water Battle” is a strategy game that will bring the war of seas to your phone.
After placing all your ships the war will began.
Use the keypads to chose where you want to shoot and press “5” to fire gun.

      Against Enemies
Play and enjoy the amazing strategy game “Against Enemies” as you kill different monsters and mutants. Your main goal on this game is to stop the hordes of enemies before they reach your city and kill everyone within its walls.
So you’ll build different towers to protect your city. Each tower has its own power.

      Volcano Fight
The volcano on your area has exploded shooting
all his fire on your city.
So can you stop the fire bombs before it turn your city into ashes.
The game play is so simple.
Each fire bombs have a number, pressing
that number will force it to disappear.

      3D The Fatal Monsters
Play as the young brave lady who went to the ghost town to cut off the evil from spreading into the whole world.

      Bloody War
“Bloody War” is the next generation of strategy
games on the phones.
It’ll bring the heat of battles into your phone.
You’ll begin the game by controlling a small battalion and then you’ll lead bigger battalions into wars.

      Field Killer
You’re the prince of one of the greatest kingdom
and your adventure began in middle of night.
You always find difficult in falling sleep but this night was different. You’ve seen a strange vision.
Your castle was on fire and an old magician
stand near it and blesses a strange stone....

      Dragon's Fighter
Welcome to the medieval era where you’ll drag your sword in the face of dragons and monsters. You’re a little knight travelling through the cities killing the monsters and helping the people. You’ll collect items that can help you in your long mission to bring back the peace.

After thousands of years the humans will reach
the far galaxies, before thousands of years people
were trying to reach a nearby land.
Your mission is to walk with every generation
and help them on their missions. You’ll begin the
game as the chief of little tribe and your job is to help your tribe to reach a higher level of civilization

      The Militant
On this adventure game you play as a farmer who found his village under attack from criminals and thieves.
So you must stand against them and protect your village.
You’ll run through the village fighting the enemies
and jumping through the different platforms.

      The Ninja Assassins
You play as a ninja on the medieval and your
mission is to protect your country from a big threat.
You’ll join a secret organisation to cover the true power of ninja and to save your country.
At the beginning you’ll find yourself at the ninja hideout and you’ll learn from the elders.

      The Duty Of Patriot
In “The Duty Of Patriot” you play as a soldier
who’s trying to protect his country and defeat the invaders.
With the help of your companies and your
government backed up by weapons and tanks
you’ll reach into advanced levels where you need
to unleash your ultimate power.

      Pluto Force
The earth is in a big threat, the aliens have come to destroy it and you are the only hope to stop them. Remember that you are the only hope and it’s your duty to save your planet and destroy the armies of
the aliens. Use your canons of lasers and bombs to
destroy the invasions.

      Giants Fighting
Hit, smash, break, burn and do a lot more than
that on the new “Giants Fighting” game.
You’ll choose your character from four fighters and then you’ll fight your way to win the championship. Each fighter has his own moves.
So play the game and enjoy each moment of it.

      The Labyrinth
On this amazing and mind blasting action game you play as a magician who’s trying to find his way out f the underworld’s prison.
So help him on his mission by solving puzzles,
opening doors and switching bridges.
Enjoy your stay!

      Master Of Wizards
The armies of hell have attacked your village killing every thing on there way with no mercy or pity. You’re one of the few who survive. So you decide to return to your home to get revenge on those who
killed your family and destroy your village.

On the city of wizards a young wizard was walking when suddenly a flashing storm hit him and drags
him away.
After he awaked he found himself alone in a strange place. Help the young wizard to return to his home
by exploring the new world, talking to the citizens, fighting monsters and collecting items.

      Lego Fighter
The city is a very dangerous place at night that’s why you stay awaking all the night.
To bring death to those who deserve it and vanish
like the wind.
You’ll walk through the city at night from
one platform to the other fighting the criminals and thieves along your way.

In “Colonization” you play as the major colonel and your job is to protect your colony and defeat your enemy.
On this strategy game you’ll have several units and buildings.
Your main goal is to fight for the strength of your colony and for the weakness of your opponent.

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