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      3D Exterminator
“3D Exterminator” is one of the best FPS
(First Person Shooter) game ever created.
You’ll move through big areas looking for
your enemy and you’ll use different weapons to kill him.
Long range weapons like sniper and machine gun. Short range weapons like shotgun and knife.

      Patriot Soldiers
Civil war has spread in the entire city and your duty
is to stop the outlaws and bring back the peace.
You are a member of the elite team,
so your main goal is to kill every outlaw
and get their ammunition to stop them.

      Scary Night
Scary Night” is a very dark game.
It takes its places in the darkest places of the world. You play as a doctor who’s trying to find a cure to help his daughter and the rest of people from alien disease. As you continue to play, the game will take you to its world.

      Defeated Evil
The devil has been defeated and the war had over.
But after many years he returns and asks the
people to believe on him but no one does.
So he gathers his troops and began to unleash
the untold horror.

      Secret Operation
On this engaging game your job is pretty simple.
You must kill armies of Nazi without any mercy.
On every mission the number of Nazi you must
kill will raise.
Try to shoot the bombs before the enemy throw it.
At the end of each mission you’ll face a strong
boss so be ready.

      Space Force
On the far future human have built some military
bases on the moon. But those bases are now under attack from alien forces. That’s why you have been sent, to defeat the invaders and to bring back
the peace to the space.

      Space Monsters
You’ve lost you friends on the deep space and you find yourself alone on a strange planet where every thing trying to eat you. Your mission is to protect yourself by fighting for your life using every weapon you can find. Just stay safe until you find a way to get out from this planet.

      Tactical Assault
“Tactical assault” is one of the greatest FPS (First Person Shooter) game ever created.
If you play
“3D Exterminator” then you’ll feel yourself at home. The game will offer to you more action then any
other FPS game you played before.
You’ll take different missions through the game.

      The Hard Mission
On this action game you play as a special agent who was sent to investigate about an explosion happen
near a bio factory. But after his arrive, he discovers something more complex then what he thinks.
Strange experiments have created ugly monsters and he must stand against them and cover the truth.

      The Intrusion
The Intrusion is an action game which takes its place on the future, where a group of terrorist has settled down in north of Siberia taking the land as a base for them. Where no government can reach them.

      Behind The Enemy
“Behind the Enemy” is one of the best action tactical games on the phones.
You lead an elite team through different missions.
The main goal on this game is to kill all the enemies and rescue the hostages.

      3D Sniper Mission
Enjoy the most engaging 3D game on the phones. You’re a soldier and like any other soldier you must serve your country and kill all the enemy’s soldiers.
To complete your missions use your sniper and
collect the medics and aids that you can find
all around the area.

      Destroyer Tanks
You play as the last stand against the enemy army. Your tank is the last hope to bring back peace and to wash away the invaders. The game play is simple.
The fire system is automatic just move your tank to left and right to bring down enemy troops
and to avoid their fires.

      Enemy Shooter
Under the cover of darkness the enemy make
his way to you camp and you must stand against him before he reaches you.
Use the joystick or the number keys to move your crosshair and use the action button or “5” to shoot. Shoot the enemy guns on the air for extra
ammunition, and shoot the clock for extra time.

      Fighter Robots
On this strategy game you play as a captain driving his army of robots and tanks to defeat the outlaws. So you’ll control each member of your troops and move him into marked areas. Your turn will over when you finish all your moves.

      Heady Weapon
The mafia has taken all over the world and it’s more powerful than ever.
No one is safe wile the mafia hold everything on its hand. No one have the guts to stop them.
The only hope is only one person, the bravest hero that is going to stop the mafia in the entire world.

      Hostage Rescue
It’s a dark time we live in!
The terrorists have taken a lot of places all
around the world.
You’re one of the elite team who was sent to
Africa to stop the terrorists there.
So you’ll shoot the terrorists and rescue the people.

      Last Army Standing
War never changes, even when it reaches its own end. You play as a captain who’s trying to cut off the enemy from his country. Using your tank and your military skills you’ll move to the enemy camp and destroy everything in your way. So if you feel you’re up to the real challenge then try the survival mode where enemy hordes are endless.

      Mission In Jungle
The terrorists are preparing themselves to unleash several attacks at different places in the world.
You have been chosen to stop them by going under cover and destroy their base.
Your missions will take place in an island so be
careful the enemy’s soldiers could be hiding in any place.

      Nuclear Mission
Humans were defeated on the hand of aliens who
took control of earth.
The aliens created a device to control the humans
and turn them into slaves.
But there were some people who were immune
to the control of aliens.

      Robo Terminator
You are a robot and you find to yourself
a good job in one of the greatest planet in the galaxy. The homeless drunken robots are trying to enter the planet to corrupt it. So your job is to push them away from where they have come from.

      Brace Knight
After the Great War between the powerful queen
and the devil, the queen defeated the devil and put
him inside a seal.
After that she gone into a long sleep inside a small temple waiting the day that a hero will come and awake her.

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