Dice Cubes

Dice CubesThe goal of this game is to move as many as possible from dices. By placing together the dices from the same colour and number they'll disappear. If the level end with remaining dices they'll be added to your next level, and the game will over if your dice reach the top.

Crazy Ball

Crazy Ball"Crazy Ball" is an old game with a fresh idea and a new game mechanics. The goal of the game is to keep the ball inside the box. To do that you must active the wall's gravity field before the ball hit it. The wall's gravity will active for only few seconds. Activating the wall's gravity will make it change its shape. After the ball hit the wall it'll change its direction and speed.

Balloon Blower

Balloon BlowerPrepare yourself to blast a bunch of balloons. You play as a little boy. After school you go to park and start shooting the balloons. You control the direction of the slingshot. So when you aim and shoot try to avoid hitting the creepy balloons because they'll decrease your score. If you have a good eye then you won't face any problems.

Flaming Wing

Flaming WingIn this action game you play as one of the greatest military pilots. The enemy are regrouping in Siberia and you must get into your helicopter and blow up all his troops and weapons. Read More


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